Luxtronic is a brand of HADLER GmbH

With their Luxtronic brand, HADLER has been developing and producing lighting electronics for manufacturers of high-quality technical luminaires, especially for use in explosion-proof areas, for more than 30 years. It all began with the development and production of electronic assemblies in 1986, our founding year. By 1990 HADLER had developed the world’s first electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps in explosion-proof areas. The Luxtronic brand stands for lighting electronics that meet the absolute highest demands in terms of performance and safety.

Luxtronic customers are quite often manufacturers of explosion-protected luminaires. We provide IECEx certified electronic ballasts and LED control gears, as well as emergency lighting electronics for Zone 2. Luxtronic also has access to Zone 1 design platforms on which state-of-the-art customer-specific products for many types of encapsulation can be produced.

Luxtronic provides the ideal prerequisites to fulfill the most demanding specification requirements in the best and most cost-effective manner. For both large-scale and smaller series production runs Luxtronic products are always very cost effective. Located in close proximity to the market also allows for extremely short development and delivery times. In order to continue to meet the ever increasing demands of the lighting market in future, state-of-the-art LED drivers have been an integral part of our product range since 2011.

All our lighting products - from LED drivers to electronic ballasts - stand out for their exceptional product features: extremely long life cycles (from 100,000 h at ta = 60°), even in demanding harsh dirty environments, or extremely low or high operating temperatures, ultra-slim or very compact form-factors and durable electronics that customers truly can rely on. Quite simply as a Hadler customer, you will benefit from high-quality, marketable products and the quickest achievable time to market.

Die zweite Idee

Ranging from unique product concepts to the closest possible collaboration possibilities.

With over 30 years of experience in the development of products for the lighting industry, and in very close cooperation with testing authorities and joint research in the field of explosion protection, HADLER is able to develop and manufacture market-driven products that precisely meet the demands made upon them. Functionality,safety, and durability in particular are our highest priorities.

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