There’s one particular thing we’ve never lacked
at HADLER and that is inventiveness.

True to the company philosophy, Luxtronic products and services will always conform to HADLER’s “the second idea” principle where additional aspects and features bring added value and functionality based on HADLER’s unique expertise. Truly creating unique products, services, and solutions. Luxtronic products, and especially LED drivers, are always designed so that both large and small production runs can be produced very cost effectively. Our proximity to the market also allows us the absolute shortest possible delivery times.

For example: Single-battery emergency lighting – which are very individualized and have a wide variety of electrical requirements for integrated operation and emergency lighting performance. Luxtronic emergency lighting units are based on a very flexible device concept that allows the luminaire manufacturer a very high degree of flexibility in terms of the design of the LED panels, the batteries, and the illuminance duration and levels sought to be implemented. Wide current and voltage ranges, high system efficiency and an intelligent and parameterizable battery management system for NiMH and NiCd cells form the basis of the system. Important parameters such as temperature, charging current, battery voltage, LED power and many more can be read out at any time via the integrated DALI interface and the corresponding control variables can be modified during the design phase.


It is especially during the development process of a luminaire in the laboratory and on the test bench that these possibilities are intensively used in order to obtain the optimum settings and operating parameters in the field of application of the luminaire. With the concept of flexible customer-specific parameterization, which is unique in the market, these individual device settings are applied during the production process of the devices at HADLER. Even with the additional flexibility and design freedom, the devices naturally meet all the safety requirements of the various uniquely configurable emergency lighting units.

Luxtronic provides its customers with optimized individual operation and unique emergency performance. In this way, all requirements are met at all times, in the quickest manner, and with a maximum degree of safety. We develop future-proof products together with many of our customers. Our components are mutually compatible, and offer the highest degree of system reliability and safety for your applications and projects. Our range includes dimmable LED device electronics with or without DALI interfaces in slim, compact construction designs with a wide variety of performance features. Here, you can find all the information about our LED driver and LED emergency lighting device ranges - from the technical data to actual ordering information.

Important milestones of the Luxtronic brand

Founded by Wolf-Rüdiger Hadler - initially as a manufacturer of transformers for electric typewriters, located in Felsberg-Neuenbrunslar, about 15 minutes south of Kassel.


Introduction of a second area of activity: development and production of electronic assemblies and microprocessor controls. Development of the world's first electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps in explosion-proof areas (Ex). The brand name for lighting electronics is changed to Luxtronic.


Expansion and concentration on the safety-relevant Ex. area. Worldwide market leadership attained in the field of explosion-proof electronic ballasts. Deployed on drilling rigs and in highly sensitive emergency luminaires, as well as industrial applications such as control modules. The so-called “second idea” principle where additional value features, services, flexibility, and performance is reflected in all product lines. And especially featured in unique product suitability for hazardous area applications. With the “second idea” principle, HADLER always offers distinct advantages to its customers for differentiating themselves by offering solutions with truly unique selling points.


In the following years, the main focus of the company was on the continued development of product innovations and tailor-made electronic ballasts. Our strong customer satisfaction orientation and extremely high quality levels have been the decisive factors in the overall success of HADLER GmbH since the beginning. Our electronic ballasts are the smallest or slimmest available anywhere in the world.


HADLER has been a member of ZVEI (Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry) for many years, and is actively represented there in numerous technical committees. The association’s work is intensified. Among other things, HADLER is a driving force in the initiation and introduction of the new DALI standard. This brings consistently standardised construction due to the cooperation of HADLER employees in standardisation committees benefitted by their extensive expertise and experience.


In the field of LED lighting in particular, HADLER develops trend-setting LED drivers for the lighting market in ultra-slim and compact designs. Solutions that are not only energy efficient, but even with multi-channel colour temperature selectability in addition to brightness controls, are becoming increasingly in demand.